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Can you complete the work the same day you give an estimate?

We do our best to complete the job the same day. Your time is very important to us. Our trucks are set up to handle most service calls eliminating the need for a parts run. Our trucks are like having an electrical warehouse on wheels.

Do you offer a senior discount?

We do offer a senior discount for those 55 and older. 10% off completed work done.

photo of damaged circuit breaker.

Electrical breakers Vancouver Washington

If you have an older home with an original electric service panel and breakers, it is a good idea to ...
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A photo of an electrical panel located in a shop with a rats nest inside of it.

Electrical Service Panels Vancouver Washington

When is the last time you have or an electrician looked inside your electrical Panel? It's a good idea to ...
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Photo of a damaged feeder wire in electrical panel.

Zinsco electrical panel Vancouver Washington

It is highly recommended to replace Zinsco Electrical panels if you have one in your home. These panels are know ...
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Absolute Electric Inc., picture of an Absolute Electrical Van

Electrical trouble shooting experts Vancouver, Washington

We are your electrical trouble shooting experts here in Vancouver, Washington. If you have one or more of the following ...
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Loose neutral under screw in the electrical panel. Photo of a white wire that has been charred.

Neutral wires in the electrical panel, Vancouver Washington.

A loose neutral wire in the electrical panel can cause you some grief. Make sure you or an electrician look ...
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Remodel ceiling fan boxes are designed to be installed to the framing of the building. However, the installer in this case decided otherwise. They just let it lay on the sheetrock and then installed ... See more

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This is what critters in the attic can do.

This is what squirrels do to your wires in an attic. Huge fire hazard.

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